Mission Statement 

The mission of Universal Institute of Technology is to provide quality vocational education and training through a suite of accredited courses that cater for both the international and domestic markets. Our overall aim is to provide education and training in a caring environment for a skilled and adaptable workforce to meet the ever-changing needs of industry.

This will be achieved through maintaining UIT as a viable enterprise that:

  • Offers quality, professional education opportunities that are accessible, flexible and equitable;
  • Creates fulfilling experiences for all students based on the commitment of skilled and caring staff;
  • Develops graduates who are positioned to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world;
  • Pursues innovation and excellent in teaching;
  • Engages with communities, business and government through ongoing and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Vision Statement 

To be recognized as a leader in open and flexible vocational education and ELICOS. UIT will be recognized for its innovative and creative methodological and pedagogical approaches to students, as expressed through its teaching, learning, courses, programs, activities and the quality of personalized services offered to students.